How much control over the problem do you have?

How much control over the problem do you have?

There is a problem and a team who should do something about it. That team wants to communicate to others how much control over the problem they have. So they draw a scale, we will call it the problem-under-control-scale.

Here are some points they might mark on it (sorted roughly from bad to good):

(I am sure there are more possible steps. For example, what if additional help is needed at any point?)

What to use the problem-under-control-scale for

I like this problem-under-control-scale, because it allows to think about problems in an abstract way.

What else could we do with the scale?

I think you could get some nice graphs if you pair the problem-under-control-scale with some other scale. Time perhaps? Or costs? Expertise_needed?

You would then plot the the course of your problems on the resulting coordinate system. This could help to answer questions like: