Changelog 2

git showpast

I wanted to write a command-line program that would show you the history of some code within a git repository.

I know git blame, but this is tedious to use and I still haven’t got the hang of it.

I spent some time deciding on which tools I would like to use for this project.

I decided to go for rust (and the excellent git2 crate). Rust is so cool to work with, because of the strict compiler. I really enjoy that.

I even started reading the git mailing list a bit. It was very interesting, but not ultimately useful to my course.

The project died very early, though, with very little code to show for it. Other projects got more interesting to me.

music streaming

I finally got navidrome on my server going. It is a self-hosted music streaming service.

I dislike the loss of control that streaming-services like Spotify etc bring with them. But a selfhosted version? I can get behind that.

Navidrome is cool for multiple reasons.

Next steps:

address book analysis

I wanted to do an analysis and visualization of my address book. I wrote a blog post about a mistake I made in that process. There was a cool parser package for python once (vobject) but it’s development has stalled many years ago. So I wrote a basic parser myself and it was actually quite fun.

I am looking forward to continuing with this project.