April 8, 2021

I speak nix now

After living in a love-hate relationship with my nixos-configuration it finally came to the point that it became too big of a file to handle. I already had it versioned (nearly everything I write is versioned). But now the file approached a few hundred lines at I was going to loose my grip on it. A few hundred lines of code is nothing. But a few hundred lines of config is a whole lot.

April 3, 2020

Sind alle Kreise gleich?

Das Verhältnis von Umfang und Fläche eines Kreises ändert sich mit der Größe des Kreises. Aber sind nicht alle Kreise gleich/kongruent? Sollte dann nicht auch das Verhältnis immer gleich sein? Bei Umfang zu Durchmesser ist es ja auch für alle Kreise gleich. Ein Freund kam neulich mit dieser Frage zu mir. Er hatte sie mehreren Leuten gestellt und alle konnten ihm die Formel für das Verhältnis herleiten. Aber Formeln anschauen ist nicht das gleiche wie verstehen.

March 8, 2020

First step to NixOS

Given my OS history (Windows -> macOS -> Fedora -> Arch Linux) these were the options I was interested in as a next one: Gentoo (but I have no interests in compiling everything myself) GNU Hurd (but I don’t think it is ready yet) Arch Linux (There was nothing bad about it except the installation process) Manjaro (because it is Arch with an installer) NixOS (because I like writing configurations) I decided on NixOS because I could see me using it for the next years (other then Gentoo and GNU Hurd) and it would give me the opportunity to learn something completely new (other then Arch and Manjaro that I used for a few years now).

December 15, 2019

Using Newsblur's API

Everybody should have a feedreader for RSS feeds. Lately I decided to subscribe to some feeds of local organisations (like the zoo, some local fablabs or the nearest police station). Things that take place nearby are more interesting after all. So yesterday I found that our city administration provides some RSS-feeds - many actually. They are all listed on this website. So I want to subscribe to all of them. I didn’t find an easy way to subscribe to many feeds at once through the Newsblur web interface, so I decided it was a good day to test out the Newsblur api.

October 9, 2019

Rescue data from a Mac that won't start anymore

My wifes macbook didn't start anymore, it tried but went into the same error again and again. This is how I got the data from the old hard drive. Get yourself a drive to rescue the files to (we will call it LIFEBOAT). Connect it to the mac. Enter Recovery mode by pressing CMD and R at startup. Get yourself a terminal (in the upper menu under "Utilities").

November 17, 2018

awk is a language

Most of us know awk as the program that you use when you want only that one column of your output. Just pipe it through awk '{print $3}' and the third column you get. Fewer people know that awk is a programming language. It is specialized for processing structured input like tables. As an example we will analyze this table of events at of the first Quidditch match of the first Harry Potter book, Griffindor vs Slytherin.

October 27, 2018


Die letzten Tage habe ich auf der PyconGermany in Karlsruhe verbracht. Die dominanten Themen waren Machine learning, Docker und vielleicht noch ein bisschen BigData. Über Python2 redet eigentlich keiner mehr, das ist schön. Ich habe viel gelernt und einige spannende Leute getroffen (schöne Grüße an Corrie). Irgendwie schafft es die Pythoncommunity, ein breiteres Feld als die üblichen Nerds anzusprechen (zu denen ich mich selbst dazu zählen würde). Insbesondere das Verhaeltnis Maenner:Frauen war erfreulich ausgeglichen, wenn auch noch nicht 1:1.